There are three ways to cancel depending on where you signed up, either the Web, In-App Purchase, or through Roku. Please note that deleting the app off your device does not cancel your subscription. You MUST follow the instructions for Web, In-App, or Roku cancellations below.

Cancel (Website):
You can cancel your On Demand subscription at any time by logging into your account at
- Click on the menu icon in the upper-left hand corner and select My Account.
- Next, select Manage Subscription. You can then click on Cancel Subscription.
Please note:
If you cannot find a subscription to cancel when you log in through the website (i.e., there's just nothing on the website to indicate how to cancel), you've either already canceled or that account never had an active subscription. If you aren't sure if your account had a subscription, or if you think you might have signed up under another email, please reply to this message and we can help.

Cancel (In-App)
If you subscribed to the On Demand app through the app store, you will need to cancel your subscription directly through the app store. To do this, please follow the directions below.

1. Open Settings on your Apple device
2. Select your Apple ID
3. Scroll down to iTunes & App Store
4. Tap on your Apple ID/email address
5. Tap View Apple ID, then enter your Touch/Face ID or password
6. From the Account Settings page, scroll down and tap Subscriptions
7. Choose your On Demand subscription
8. Tap Cancel Subscription. Next, tap Confirm on the Confirm Cancellation pop up.

Cancel (Roku)
You'll only need to perform this step if you signed up through Roku separately. Roku provides specific instructions on how to cancel via their website or the TV applications via the link below. .