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Mike's Flow Class #26A (Beginner)

Length: 0:38:02

This beginner level class is perfect for anyone who is brand new to Animal Flow, or who wants to spend some time repeating and perfecting the moves they already know. Mike Fitch teaches this class staring with a warm-up, then teaching and drilling each move, and finishing by building the Flow. This can be performed in a fairly small space. Since this is a beginner class, Mike will teach each move as it is introduced, so you do not need any prior experience with Animal Flow. He will also start out with Wrist Mobilizations, so you do not need to do those before starting this video.

Note that once you've tried the full class, you can go to Flow Skills Class #26B Practice, in the Flow Skills Practice section, if you want to practice just the Flow portion of the class. Video 26B includes just the Flow on repeat for 15 minutes.

The movements utilized include:
Front Kickthrough - L1 Tutorials Side Kickthrough - L1 Tutorials Underswitch - L1 Tutorials Jumping Underswitch - L1 Tutorials Crab Reach - L1 Tutorials

Animal Flow On Demand is intended for your personal use. If you are interested in teaching Animal Flow to others, in personal training or classes, you'll need to become a Certified Animal Flow Instructor by attending one of our workshops. If you'd like to further improve your individual skills by working one-on-one or taking a class with one of our Certified Instructors, check out our on-line directory to find one near you. See for more information.

Disclaimer: You should understand that when participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. You should be in a physical condition that enables you to participate in the exercise. Consult with a physician if you have any medical conditions that might impact your ability to participate in a bodyweight training program. See our website for full disclaimer.

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