Classes: Flow Skills Practices

These shorter classes are the companion videos to their full-length counterparts. Averaging 15 minutes in length, these videos contain just the Flow portion from the associated class, on a loop so you can just practice the flow through multiple reps. We strongly recommend that you try the full-length version first, which will take you through the process of warming up, practicing and driving the movements, and then learning to build the flow. These "practice" versions are great for when you just want to get straight into practicing the flow if you've already done the full length class. They can be used as warm-up, combined with another workout, or used as a shorter stand-alone workout. Note that each class is named after its full-length counterpart. So if a class here is named "Flow Skills Practice 26B" then "Flow Skills Class 26A" in the Classes: Flow Skills Sub-Category will be the full length variation.

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