My First Week

Just getting started with Animal Flow? These entry level classes and flows make for a good first week. Of course, you can stretch these out into however many days you want. Here's what we suggest: Day 1: Mike's Flow Class: Intro to AF: This entry level class teaches you the movements as you go along, so no prior experience is necessary). Day 2: Try Freyja Flow #4: You'll need to go through these Level 1 Tutorials first: Crab Reach, Underswitch, Jumping Underswitch, Side Kickthrough, and Jumping Side Kickthrough Day 3: Mike's Flow Class #11: This is another entry level class that will teach the movement as you go along. Day 4: Mobility Class #1: You are probably feeling pretty sore by now, so this class will feel great. Day 5: Try Flow with Kathy #10: This is a simple flow that will help you lock in some of the basics. If you haven't yet learned the Underswitch Tap, you'll need to review that Tutorial first. Day 6: Mike's Flow Class #17: Another entry level class that will teach the movements as you go along. Day 7: Flow with Mike #1: This beginner flow incorporates a lot of the Form Specific Stretches. Learning the movements and then practicing the Flow will not only provide a great workout, but will feel great. Spend some time going through the Tutorials for the movements first, practicing reps of each one, and then practice the Flow all the way through.

The beginner classes will always start with Wrist Mobilizations. When doing the Flows, you'll need to follow one of the Wrist Mobilization videos prior to starting.

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