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My First Week My First Week

Mobility Class #1 (Fluid Mobility - Beginner)

Length: 0:36:13

This beginner level Mobility class can be used as a warm up, cool down or used on restorative days. The movements are not specifically Animal Flow movements, but following this class can really help your practice. Each movement is considered to be passive or fluid, meaning that the sequences are meant to be done with very little effort. The goal is to identify areas of the body that don’t move well, and then spend extra time strategically mobilizing those areas. You’ll begin by focusing on specific regions or joints of the body, and then progress into full body mobilizing sequences.

Animal Flow On Demand is intended for your personal use. If you are interested in teaching Animal Flow to others, in personal training or classes, you'll need to become a Certified Animal Flow Instructor by attending one of our workshops. If you'd like to further improve your individual skills by working one-on-one or taking a class with one of our Certified Instructors, check out our on-line directory to find one near you. See for more information.

Disclaimer: You should understand that when participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. You should be in a physical condition that enables you to participate in the exercise. Consult with a physician if you have any medical conditions that might impact your ability to participate in a bodyweight training program. See our website for full disclaimer.

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